L’arbre inversé en Islam

Des illustrations inédites de l’arbre Thoubaa [1], représenté ici en arbre inversé.

Manuscrit turc T 464, folio 102r, 1798 – conservé à la Chester Beatty Library.

Manuscrit turc T 463, folio 98, 1798, conservé Chester Beatty Library.

Un grand merci aux équipes de la Chester Beatty Library pour leur enthousiasme et leur aide plus que précieuse.

Crédit Images: Chester Beatty. CC BY-NC 4.0

6 réflexions sur “L’arbre inversé en Islam

  1. J’ai découvert l’illustration en petite miniature dans l’ouvrage suivant :
    SOMA – The Divine Hallucinogen par David L. Spess, chapitre 7.

    « The concept of the Indo‑Aryan inverted tree is found among Lapp shamans, Islam, the Kabbalah, various European alchemical texts, and in the writings and illustrations of Robert Fludd, Jacob Boehme, and John Dee. The inverted tree is found even in Plato’s Timaeus: « That part (soul) which we say dwells in the summit of our body and lifts us from earth towards our celestial affinity, like a plant whose roots are not in earth, but in the heavens. »(7) It is this inverted inner divine power that keeps the physical body upright (Fig. 7).

    Indian ideas of soma and the cosmogonic reversible soma tree of the Rg Vedic soma ceremony had a significant impact upon the fundamental cosmology at the heart of Western esotericism. That Islam would incorporate the inverted‑tree motif and other religious and philosophical texts shows the very high regard and respect it had for Indian religious philosophy. The inverted‑tree cosmology found in the Rg and Atharva Vedas was incorporated into the later Indian literature of the Upanisads and from there was probably borrowed by Islam. »

    Consultable en ligne :

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